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Hanging Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall 1.0-2.0mm Thickness Heat Insulation

Hanging Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall 1.0-2.0mm Thickness Heat Insulation

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Product Details
Wind Pressure:
Max Size:
Heat Insulation:
3 Years
Veneer Curtain Wall
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Product Description

Product Description:

Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall is an ideal exterior wall finishing material for modern buildings. It is an aluminum alloy veneer curtain wall covering, with a thickness of 1.0-2.0mm, providing superior fireproof, heat insulation, wind pressure resistance (≤ 2.5kpa) and soundproof properties. It is also highly durable, ensuring that the Aluminum Exterior Wall Veneer Curtain Wall can last for many years with minimal maintenance. The Aluminum Exterior Wall Veneer Curtain Wall is also aesthetically pleasing, making it an ideal choice for any modern building.



  • Product Name: Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall
  • Wind Pressure: ≤2.5kpa
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Durability: 25 Years
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Aluminum Veneer Curtain: Yes
  • Aluminum Cladding Wall: Yes

Technical Parameters:

Property Specification
Soundproof Yes
Thickness 1.0-2.0mm
Waterproof Yes
Fireproof Yes
Surface Treatment Powder Coating
Wind Pressure ≤2.5kpa
Durability 25 Years
Material Aluminum
Type Veneer Curtain Wall
Heat Insulation Yes


Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall is a type of cladding wall made of aluminum material, which is wind resistant up to 2.5kpa and fireproof. It is designed to provide a large size of 2400*6000mm and is easy to hang with a hanging installation method. The aluminum veneer curtain wall is specifically designed for exterior wall cladding, making it highly ideal for facades, balconies, galleries, and other external applications. It is a great choice for aluminum exterior walls with its fireproof and wind resistant features, as well as its large size and hanging installation method.



Customize your Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall to fit your needs perfectly! Our Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall has Heat Insulation: Yes, Installation Method: Hanging, Durability: 25 Years, Thickness: 1.0-2.0mm, and Warranty: 3 Years. With Veneer Cladding Wall and Veneer Exterior Wall, this product is durable, long-lasting, and provides high-quality insulation to meet your needs.


Support and Services:

Our Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall offers full technical support and service. We provide comprehensive, up-to-date technical information and advice to ensure that our customers receive the best possible support. Our technical staff are highly trained and knowledgeable in the field, and are available to provide assistance with any questions or concerns. Additionally, we offer regular maintenance and repair services to keep our products in optimal condition. We also provide warranty coverage on our products, so customers can be assured of a quality product that will last for many years.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall

The Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall will be packaged in specially designed boxes that will protect the product from any damage during transportation. The boxes will be properly sealed to ensure that no water or moisture can enter the package. The boxes will also be labeled with the product information and manufacturer's details.

The Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall will be shipped using reliable freight carriers that will ensure safe and timely delivery. The shipping fees will be based on the size and weight of the product.



A: An Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall is an exterior wall cladding made of aluminum panels, typically used in commercial buildings. Q: What are the benefits of an Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall?
A: The Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall is a lightweight, durable and low-maintenance option for protecting the exterior of a building. It is also fire-resistant, helping to protect the building from potential damage. Q: What types of Aluminum Veneer Curtain Walls are available?
A: Aluminum Veneer Curtain Walls can be manufactured in a variety of styles, including flat, curved, and stepped, allowing for increased design flexibility. Q: What are the advantages of Aluminum Veneer Curtain Walls over other materials?
A: Compared to other materials such as stone, brick, and concrete, aluminum is much lighter and more cost-effective. Additionally, aluminum is corrosion-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, making it ideal for exterior use. Q: Are there any special considerations for installing an Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall?
A: Yes, Aluminum Veneer Curtain Walls should be installed by a professional to ensure proper installation and safety. Additionally, it is important to use a product that is designed for the specific application and climate conditions in order to maximize the lifespan of the product.

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