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Pre-fabricated/On-site Architectural Facade System of Varying Thickness and Cost

Pre-fabricated/On-site Architectural Facade System of Varying Thickness and Cost

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Weather Resistance:
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Product Description

Product Description:

Curtain Wall Glazing System is a building facade system designed to provide superior thermal insulation, noise insulation, and energy efficiency. It is a customizable and cost-effective glazing wall system that can be tailored to meet different design needs. It is available in double, triple, and insulated glazing options with anodized and powder coated finishes in various thicknesses. This glazing wall system is perfect for creating attractive and functional building facades that offer excellent protection from the elements. It is an ideal choice for commercial and residential projects that require a durable glass facade system. With its high thermal insulation, noise insulation, and energy efficiency, the Curtain Wall Glazing System is a great choice for creating an attractive and sustainable building facade.



  • Product Name: Curtain Wall Glazing System
  • Architectural Facade System, Outer Wall System, External Wall System: Yes
  • Shape: Rectangular/Curved
  • Installation: On-site/Pre-fabricated
  • Colors: Varies
  • Finish: Anodized/Powder Coated
  • Maintenance: Low

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Installation On-site/Pre-fabricated
Soundproofing Excellent
Size Customizable
Glazing Double/Triple/Insulated
Exterior Wall System Wind Resistant System
Glazing Wall System Excellent
Cost Varies
Colors Varies
Weather Resistance Excellent
Maintenance Low
Lifespan Varies
Design Customizable


Curtain Wall Glazing System is an excellent and wind resistant architectural facade system that is used to create a stunning and customisable glass facade. It is made from a combination of aluminum, steel and glass, making it highly durable and weather resistant. The lifespan of the system varies depending on the chosen materials, but it will typically last for many years with minimal maintenance and upkeep. The system can be customised to match the building’s design, and is a great way to add a stylish and modern touch to any space. It is often used in commercial and residential buildings, as well as in public spaces, to create a stunning and durable façade that stands the test of time. The system is also known as a structural glazing system, and is becoming increasingly popular due to its low cost and high performance.



Customized Curtain Wall Glazing System

Our customized Curtain Wall Glazing System offers a unique solution for your building facade system. It is designed to be highly wind-resistant and offers a variety of finishes, glazing, installation and colors for your specific needs.

Finish: Anodized/Powder Coated

Lifespan: Varies

Glazing: Double/Triple/Insulated

Installation: On-site/Pre-fabricated

Colors: Varies

Support and Services:

Curtain Wall Glazing System Technical Support and Service

At our company, we offer comprehensive technical support and service for our Curtain Wall Glazing System. Our team of experts are available to provide technical assistance and answer any questions you may have. Our technical support and service includes:

  • Telephone and Email Support
  • Onsite Technical Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair and Maintenance Services

We are committed to providing the best possible service and support for our customers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Curtain Wall Glazing System, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Packing and Shipping:

The packaging and shipping of a Curtain Wall Glazing System involves careful planning and specialized equipment. The individual components must be measured and packaged in the appropriate containers to ensure the safe delivery of the product. The glass must be separated from the frames and fasteners, and each component must be labeled clearly. The components are then loaded onto pallets and secured with straps. The pallets are then loaded onto trucks or containers for shipment. Special care must be taken with fragile, heavy, and oversized components to ensure they arrive safely.



Curtain Wall Glazing System Q&A

Q1: What is a curtain wall glazing system?
A1: A curtain wall glazing system is an exterior wall construction method in which an outer skin of glass and aluminum is hung on a structural frame. Q2: How is a curtain wall glazing system different from other exterior wall systems?
A2: Curtain wall glazing systems are non-structural but provide a lightweight, water-resistant, and thermally-efficient exterior wall. They are also often designed to enhance the visual appeal of a building. Q3: What are the benefits of a curtain wall glazing system?
A3: A curtain wall glazing system is easy to install, provides excellent sound insulation, reduces heat loss, and minimizes air infiltration. It also offers great design flexibility, allowing for a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Q4: What are the components of a curtain wall glazing system?
A4: The components of a curtain wall glazing system typically include aluminum framing, thermal breaks, glazing, mullions, gaskets, sealants, and structural support. Q5: Does a curtain wall glazing system require any special maintenance?
A5: Yes, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure the system remains in good working order. This includes cleaning and coating the aluminum framing, inspecting all the components, and replacing any damaged parts.

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