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High Durability 2mm Aluminum Veneer Panel With Heat Insulation

High Durability 2mm Aluminum Veneer Panel With Heat Insulation

High Durability 2mm Aluminum Veneer Panel

Heat Insulation Aluminum Veneer Panel

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Product Details
Easy Installation:
Interior Wall Decoration
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
100 square meter
USD88-USD100.00 per square meter
Packaging Details
wooden case
Delivery Time
30 days after receiving of payment
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
10000 square meter /month
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Product Description

Product Description:

Aluminum Veneer Panel is a kind of aluminum cover plate with an aluminum sheet layer, which is made of superior quality aluminum alloy. It is characterized by its thickness of 2mm, fireproof, heat insulation and sound insulation properties, making it ideal for interior wall decoration. It can be used in a wide range of applications, from home decoration to commercial buildings and public places. Aluminum veneer board is also highly resistant to corrosion and has a long service life. With its unique design, it can create a special atmosphere to enhance the beauty of interior walls. It is easy to install and maintain, making it an ideal choice for home decoration and commercial buildings.



  • Product Name: Aluminum Veneer Panel
  • Shape: Square
  • Heat Insulation: Yes
  • Easy Installation: Yes
  • Surface Treatment: Anodized
  • Color: Silver
  • Main Material: Aluminum Sheet Layer, Aluminum Casement Sheet, Aluminum Casement Sheet

Technical Parameters:

Property Value
Application Interior Wall Decoration
Fireproof Yes
Material Aluminum
Sound Insulation Yes
Surface Treatment Anodized
Easy Installation Yes
Moistureproof Yes
Waterproof Yes
Size Customized
Heat Insulation Yes
Product Name Aluminum Veneer Panel
Product Type Aluminum Facade Cladding, Aluminum Veneer Sheet, Aluminum Veneer Board


Aluminum Veneer Panel is a great choice for any application that requires a fireproof, square, and anti-corrosive cover plate. The aluminum cover plate has a thickness of 2mm and a beautiful silver color. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and can be used to cover walls or other surfaces. It is also corrosion resistant, making it an ideal choice for coastal areas. Aluminum Casement Sheet provides the perfect combination of strength and beauty, making it an excellent choice for any application.



Aluminum Veneer Panel Customized Service
  • Application: Interior Wall Decoration
  • Moistureproof: Yes
  • Surface Treatment: Anodized
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Heat Insulation: Yes
  • Keywords: Aluminum Facade Panel, Aluminum Clad Panel, Aluminum Sheet Layer, Aluminum Sheet Layer, Aluminum Composite Panel, Aluminum Veneer Panel

Support and Services:

Aluminum Veneer Panel Technical Support and Service:

  • Provide professional technical advice on the selection of Aluminum Veneer Panel products.
  • Provide professional installation and maintenance services.
  • Provide professional guidance on aluminum veneer panel installation and maintenance.
  • Provide free product warranty.
  • Provide after-sales service support and maintenance.

Packing and Shipping:

Aluminum Veneer Panel should be packaged and shipped in a safe and secure way that ensures the panels remain undamaged. It is advised to use wooden crates or pallets to ensure the panels are not damaged when shipped. The crate should be large enough to accommodate all the panels being shipped and should include a layer of bubble wrap or padding to ensure the panels are completely secure. The crate should be properly sealed to protect from moisture and dust.

It is also important to clearly identify the package as Aluminum Veneer Panels. Labels should be placed on the outside of the crate with the name of the product, the quantity, and the destination. This will help ensure that the package is properly handled and delivered to the correct destination.

When shipping Aluminum Veneer Panels, it is important to use a reliable shipping provider. It is also important to ensure the package is insured to provide for any damages that may occur during transport.



  • Q: What is aluminum veneer panel?
    A: Aluminum veneer panel is a kind of external wall material, which is made of aluminum alloy plate as the main body, and is processed by surface treatment.
  • Q: What are the advantages of aluminum veneer panel?
    A: Aluminum veneer panel has the advantages of light weight, good flatness, fireproof, waterproof, corrosion resistance, easy installation and so on.
  • Q: What is the application of aluminum veneer panel?
    A: Aluminum veneer panel is widely used in the external walls of high-end commercial buildings, villas, urban buildings, and also used in public places such as airports, railway stations, hospitals, and stadiums.
  • Q: What is the surface treatment of aluminum veneer panel?
    A: Aluminum veneer panel is generally divided into two types of surface treatment: fluorocarbon spraying and powder spraying.
  • Q: What is the size of aluminum veneer panel?
    A: The size of aluminum veneer panel can be customized according to customer requirements.

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