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Silver Fireproof Grade A Aluminum Veneer Facade

Silver Fireproof Grade A Aluminum Veneer Facade

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Product Details
Waterproof Performance:
Veneer Curtain Wall
Service Life:
≥15 Years
Thermal Insulation Performance:
Sound Insulation Performance:
Fireproof Performance:
Grade A
Max Size:
Wind Pressure Resistance:
Payment & Shipping Terms
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Product Description

Product Description:

Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall is an aluminum facade wall, also known as aluminum cladding wall, designed to provide a safe and durable solution for the construction of buildings. It features thermal insulation performance of K=2.0-3.0W/(m2·K), fireproof performance of Grade A, sound insulation performance of ≥35dB, and service life of ≥15 years. The surface treatment of the aluminum veneer curtain wall can be anodizing, powder coating, PVDF coating, etc.

This aluminum veneer curtain wall is designed to provide superior thermal insulation, fireproof performance, sound insulation and service life, making it an ideal choice for all sorts of construction projects. It is also known for its durability and reliability, ensuring that the aluminum cladding wall can last for many years. The aluminum facade wall is also easy to install and maintain, saving time and money in the long run.

Choose Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall for your construction projects, and you can expect superior thermal insulation, fireproof performance, sound insulation, and service life, all with an affordable price.



  • Product Name: Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Air Permeability: ≤0.5m3/(m2·h)
  • Installation Method: Hanging Or Bolt Fixing
  • Surface Treatment: Anodizing, Powder Coating, PVDF Coating, Etc.
  • Wind Pressure Resistance: ≤2.5KN/m2
  • Keywords: Aluminum Veneer Panel, Aluminum Laminate Wall, Aluminum Veneer System

Technical Parameters:

Warranty 3 Years
Color White, Grey, Silver, Etc.
Surface Treatment Anodizing, Powder Coating, PVDF Coating, Etc.
Fireproof Performance Grade A
Type Veneer Curtain Wall
Wind Pressure Resistance ≤2.5KN/m2
Service Life ≥15 Years
Waterproof Performance ≥1000Pa
Installation Method Hanging Or Bolt Fixing
Sound Insulation Performance ≥35dB


Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall is an ideal choice for exterior applications, such as commercial buildings, hotels, offices, and public facilities. It provides a modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance to any building. Its lightweight and durable construction makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The veneer is available in a range of colors, including white, grey, and silver, and thicknesses from 0.8mm to 2.0mm. The material used is aluminum, which is known for its strength and resistance to corrosion. Additionally, a variety of surface treatments, such as anodizing, powder coating, and PVDF coating, allow for customization and protection from the elements. An Aluminum Veneer System is an excellent choice for creating a modern, stylish, and durable facade for any building.



Customized Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall

We provide a range of customized aluminum veneer curtain wall solutions to meet your needs. Our aluminum veneer wall products are designed to provide excellent thermal insulation performance, with K values ranging from 2.0 to 3.0 W/(m2·K). Our aluminum veneer exterior products are available in a variety of styles, including veneer curtain wall, hanging or bolt fixing, and with a maximum size of 2400*6000mm. We also offer a range of colors, including white, grey, and silver.


Support and Services:

Technical Support and Service for Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall
  • Design consultation and technical advice
  • On-site installation and commissioning
  • Provide long-term maintenance and repair services
  • Offer professional training on product use and maintenance
  • Provide spare parts and accessories
  • Provide after-sales technical support
  • Offer warranty service

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall:

  • The aluminum veneer material must be packed in the same container with the curtain wall profiles.
  • The aluminum veneer should be loaded and unloaded in a safe and secure manner, ensuring that it reaches the construction site in pristine condition.
  • Packaging must be done carefully to ensure no damage occurs during the shipping process.
  • The aluminum veneer must be securely fastened to the curtain wall profiles in order to prevent any movement or distortion during transportation.
  • The Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall must be shipped in a dry, padded container to ensure that it is protected from any damage that may occur during transit.


Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What Is an Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall?

A1: An aluminum veneer curtain wall is a lightweight non-loadbearing cladding material that is commonly used for the exterior walls of buildings. It is composed of an aluminum frame and filled with insulated glass or other materials.

Q2: What Are the Benefits of Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall?

A2: Aluminum veneer curtain walls offer numerous advantages, such as:
- Non-combustible material
- Low maintenance and cost-effective
- Lightweight and durable
- Easy to install and replace
- Good thermal insulation and sound insulation
- Wide range of colors, shapes and finishes

Q3: What Are the Different Types of Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall?

A3: Aluminum veneer curtain walls can be categorized into two types:
- Stick system: It is composed of aluminum frames and glass or other materials. The frames are connected with each other through a system of splices and corners.
- Unitized system: It is composed of pre-assembled panels, which are connected to each other with the help of extrusions.

Q4: What Are the Typical Specifications of Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall?

A4: The typical specifications of aluminum veneer curtain wall include the following:
- Maximum size of panel: 6m (W) X 3m (H)
- Maximum weight of panel: 150 kg/m2
- Maximum wind load: 3000 Pa
- Maximum deflection: 2.5 mm

Q5: What Are the Possible Applications of Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall?

A5: Aluminum veneer curtain walls can be used for the exterior walls of buildings, such as high-rise buildings, shopping malls, airports, stadiums, etc.

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