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IP54 Electronic Operated Door with Temperature Range of 20°C~50°C

IP54 Electronic Operated Door with Temperature Range of 20°C~50°C

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Product Details
Safety System:
Photocell, Infrared Sensor
Protection Level:
Max. Opening Angle:
Max. Door Leaf Weight:
Closing Speed:
Power Supply:
Noise Level:
Max. Door Leaf Height:
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Product Description

Product Description:

Auto Swing Door System is a fully automated, high performance and reliable door system. It is powered by AC220V/50Hz and designed to support door leaf weight up to 200kg and height up to 2500mm. The maximum opening angle is up to 90° and the noise level is lower than 50dB, providing a quiet and comfortable environment. This door system is suitable for any automatic sliding door, automatic revolving door, and automatic opening gateway.


  • Product Name: Auto Swing Door System
  • Noise Level: ≤50dB
  • Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz
  • Max. Opening Angle: 90°
  • Protection Level: IP54
  • Control System: Microcomputer Control
  • Automatic Swing Door Mechanism
  • Automatic Sliding Door System
  • Self-operated Entryway System

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value/Unit
Protection Level IP54
Material Stainless Steel
Service Life ≥500,000 Times
Closing Speed 0.8m/s
Safety System Photocell, Infrared Sensor
Max. Door Leaf Height 2500mm
Max. Door Leaf Width 1200mm
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz
Operating Temperature -20°C~50°C
Max. Opening Angle 90°


The automatic swing door system provides a safe and convenient entrance or exit for buildings, providing a variety of solutions such as automatic revolving door, automatic revolving door system and automatic sliding door system. With its safety system of photocell and infrared sensor, the system offers a protection level of IP54, and its service life is up to 500,000 times. It can operate in a wide range of temperature from -20°C to 50°C , and its opening speed is 0.8m/s. The system is applicable in various places, such as public buildings, supermarkets, banks, airports, hotels, hospitals, etc.


We provide Automatic Swing Door System customized service with a service life of ≥500,000 times, Max. Door Leaf Width up to 1200mm, made of high quality stainless steel material, Opening Speed of 0.8m/s and Max. Door Leaf Weight of 200kg. We also provide Automatic Sliding Door System and Electronic Operated Door System to meet your business needs.

Support and Services:

Auto Swing Door System Technical Support and Service

We provide technical support and service for Auto Swing Door System. Our professional service team is available to assist you with product installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and spare part replacement.


Our professional technicians are available for onsite installation and setup of the Auto Swing Door System. Our technicians will ensure that the system is properly installed and configured to meet your specific needs.


Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the proper operation of the Auto Swing Door System. Our technicians will inspect and perform necessary maintenance on the system to keep it running efficiently and to extend its lifespan.


If any issues arise with the Auto Swing Door System, our technicians are available to diagnose and fix the problem. We will work to quickly resolve any issues with the system and get it back up and running.

Spare Part Replacement

We provide spare parts for the Auto Swing Door System. Our technicians can replace any worn or damaged components to ensure the system is always functioning properly.

Packing and Shipping:

Auto Swing Door System Packaging and Shipping

  • The Auto Swing Door System will be carefully packaged in a corrugated box and foam padding to ensure protection against bumps and scratches during transportation.
  • The package will be clearly labelled with the product name and all relevant product information.
  • The package will be transported via a reliable courier service and a tracking number will be provided once the package is shipped.
  • The package will contain an installation guide, an instruction manual, and a set of tools for proper installation.


  • Q: What is an Auto Swing Door System?
  • A: An Auto Swing Door System is an automatic door system that can open and close the doors without manual operation. It is a convenient and safe way to access a building or area without having to manually open and close the door.
  • Q: What are the benefits of using an Auto Swing Door System?
  • A: An Auto Swing Door System provides convenience and safety for users. It eliminates the need for manual operation of the doors, which can be difficult and time consuming. It also helps reduce the risk of injury due to manual door operation. In addition, it adds a layer of security to the building as the doors can be programmed to remain closed at certain times.
  • Q: What are the components of an Auto Swing Door System?
  • A: An Auto Swing Door System typically includes a motor, sensors, and an access control system. The motor is responsible for opening and closing the door, while the sensors detect when someone is approaching and trigger the door to open. The access control system is used to control who can enter the building or area.
  • Q: How do I install an Auto Swing Door System?
  • A: Installing an Auto Swing Door System requires some technical knowledge and skill. It is recommended that the system is installed by a professional. However, if you are comfortable with the installation process, you can follow the instructions provided in the owner’s manual.
  • Q: How do I maintain an Auto Swing Door System?
  • A: Regular maintenance of an Auto Swing Door System is important to keep it functioning properly. This includes regularly cleaning and lubricating the components, checking the sensors for accuracy, and adjusting the settings as necessary. It is also important to regularly inspect the system for any signs of damage or wear and tear.

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